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At Hyster-Yale, product development is informed, on-going and proactive. Our wide global presence, among the largest of all material handling manufacturers, enables Hyster-Yale to commit the resources necessary to ensure our lift trucks are some of the most innovative in the industry.

A forklift manufacturer with innovative thinking from concept to launch

stability-testingStrategically located technology development centers in the United States, Italy, India, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and Japan, enable Hyster-Yale to be responsive to regional product needs. Hyster-Yale's talented and experienced design and test engineers have the industry’s most advanced design tools and processes at their fingertips.

At each development center, input from Hyster and Yale brand managers and regional industry consultants is combined with global trends and voice-of-the-customer research. From concept to launch, every new product follows a carefully structured and rigorous six-stage development process. Each step must confirm that the product will deliver all the intended benefits to its future users. The result is a level of toughness and reliability you can count on, from one of the most capable and innovative material handling lift truck manufacturers in the world.


Hyster-Yale recognizes that lift truck users don’t always have identical needs. There are hundreds of different industries and applications and different intensities with which users must operate their equipment. For that reason, Hyster-Yale offers the choice between utility, standard and premium in some of its lift truck models.

Premium trucks, now offered in a number of internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric-powered lift trucks, offer performance and durability designed for the toughest and most demanding operations. These trucks, such as the Hyster Fortis and Fortens and the Yale Veracitor, offer a wide array of special attachments and customizable features.

Standard trucks, now offered in some lifting capacities of ICE trucks and electric trucks with basic battery sizes, are designed for the most typical applications and lift truck usage. 

Finally, Hyster-Yale began introducing UTILEV© brand utility forklift trucks in 2011. These lift trucks, offered currently in limited lifting capacities of ICE trucks with pneumatic tires, offers a truck for lower intensity operating environments, particularly without the need for special attachments.

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