Making hydrogen make sense

Hydrogen and fuel cell motive power solutions from Nuvera Fuel Cells are now part of the Hyster-Yale line of comprehensive product offerings. The acquisition of Nuvera in 2014 represents a vision by Hyster-Yale to provide customers with advanced power options designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase sustainability – essential elements for success in today’s highly competitive business environment.

With Nuvera, Hyster-Yale expects to be the first global lift truck OEM to fully integrate fuel cells into its product range, and to offer single-source hydrogen power options for materials handling. Together with Hyster-Yale, Nuvera is developing the next generation of PowerEdge®, a zero emissions, high efficiency fuel cell power drop-in replacement for lead acid batteries that is quickly and conveniently refueled, easily installed, and eliminates the need for battery charging and swapping. Nuvera continues to offer its PowerTap® product line of hydrogen supply equipment, which provides customers a secure, dedicated, and cost-effective hydrogen source generated on-site from natural gas and water.

These and other best-in-class technologies represent a complete portfolio of solutions across the entire hydrogen value chain – generation, compression, storage, dispensing and use – to support industrial mobility, transportation, and industrial gas applications.

Together with Hyster-Yale, Nuvera is making hydrogen make sense for you.

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