Environmental and Corporate Responsibility:Embracing Environmental Sustainability and Community Involvement

At Hyster-Yale, we hold ourselves accountable at every level. From our headquarters to individual Hyster-Yale facilities, our corporate ethics help define who we are. We recognize a responsibility not only to our customers, dealers and employees, but to the environment and the communities in which we live. We meet our corporate responsibility head-on with some of the industry’s most proactive programs, addressing everything from the health and safety of our employees and customers to environmental sustainability.

Corporate Responsibility ReportTo learn more about our philosophy, initiatives and achievements in the area of corporate responsibility, or our environmental sustainability efforts, we encourage you to download a copy of "Operating in the Green," the most recent Corporate Responsibility Report.

Making a difference through corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility begins at home with smarter, greener manufacturing processes that reduce hazardous and solid waste output and energy consumption. It extends to our design and planning efforts that led to Hyster-Yale becoming one of the largest volume producers of zero-emission lift trucks in North America. Our proprietary Lift Truck Life Cycle Cost & Carbon Impact Model is unique within the industry. It calculates both life cycle costs and the environmental impact for various lift truck power options, including conventional, fast-charge lead-acid and lithium ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, LP and diesel.

Hyster-Yale is also committed to helping those with whom we work become better stewards of our environment. In 2008 we developed the Hyster-Yale Group Supplier Sustainability Survey as a way to introduce and engage our entire supply chain in our environmental sustainability efforts. Current and future efforts include exploring with suppliers innovative ways they can reduce material waste, lower energy consumption and lower emissions.

Finally, through gifts, donations and employee volunteer efforts, Hyster-Yale is demonstrating our commitment to actively support the communities in which we live and work. 

California Human Trafficking Law

Effective January 1, 2012, California Senate Bill 657, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (S.B. 657), requires companies doing business in California to disclose what efforts, if any, they are taking to eliminate human trafficking and slavery from their supply chains. Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. strongly supports this law and takes multiple steps to ensure that we are in compliance with this law.

What does Hyster-Yale do to evaluate and address the risks of human trafficking and slavery?

Hyster-Yale is concerned about the risk of engaging vendors who may be involved in human trafficking and slavery. Hyster-Yale provides its employees with training so that they can recognize red flags and know when and how to address potential violations of the law.

Do you conduct audits of suppliers to evaluate compliance?

While Hyster-Yale does not conduct a physical audit of each of our supplier locations, we do train our employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and slavery. If an employee encounters a suspicious situation, HYSTER-YALE will investigate to ensure that our business is conducted ethically and within the law.

Do you direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into our products comply with the law regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which they do business?

We require our suppliers to comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct in which we clearly indicate that the supplier is required to follow the law with regard to slavery and human trafficking. HYSTER-YALE requires, in all vendor contracts, that the supplier certify it is operating within the law in the countries in which they operate.

What do you do to maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for employees or contractors’ facilities to meet company standards regarding slavery and human trafficking?

All employees are required to take Code of Conduct training on an annual basis. Human trafficking and slavery are against the law, and against our Code of Conduct. Hyster-Yale does not tolerate violation of the law, or violation of our Code of Conduct and disciplinary action will be brought. For employees, this could include termination of employment. For contractors, this could include termination of the relationship.

What does Hyster-Yale do with regard to training of employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain, particularly with respect to mitigating risks within the supply chain of products?

Key management personnel within our procurement groups are trained about human trafficking and slavery. In turn, these key personnel become trainers for the rest of our procurement employees.

To view the final report from the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force, please click here.  

Conflict Minerals

To view Hyster-Yale's Conflict Minerals Report, please click here.


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