Business Highlights:

Leading Global Lift Truck Manufacturer

  • Leading market share positions with large, installed population base
  • Comprehensive, updated global product line
  • Globally integrated operations with economies of scale

Leading Brands and Market Share

Hyster® and Yale® are among the most recognized brands in the lift truck industry.

  • Leading market share positions in the Americas and worldwide
  • In business for more than 80 years

Both brands, along with the Company's UTILEV® brand, serve the needs of customers across the manufacturing and services spectrum and deliver core competencies in product support and fleet management. Hyster® has an additional competency in Big and Jumbo Trucks, serving the needs of ports, steel and rail. UTILEV® is a utility lift truck that meets the needs of basic applications.

  • Hyster-Yale is one of the top three world leaders in the lift truck industry based on units as of December 2014
  • Growth potential in all markets, but in particular, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and China

In 2014, Hyster-Yale through its operating company, Hyster-Yale Group, acquired Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, an alternative-power technology company focused on fuel-cell stacks and related systems, on-site hydrogen production and dispensing systems.

Comprehensive Product Line

  • Class 1: Electric counterbalanced rider lift trucks: 1 ton - 5.5 ton capacity
  • Class 2: Electric narrow aisle lift trucks: 1.5 ton - 6 ton capacity
  • Class 3: Electric hand lift trucks: 1.5 ton - 8 ton capacity
  • Class 4: Internal combustion engine counterbalanced lift trucks, cushion tire: 1 ton - 7 ton capacity
  • Class 5: Internal combustion engine counterbalanced lift trucks, pneumatic tire: 1 ton - 52 ton capacity 

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Global Partnerships

Hyster and Yale have developed partnerships to support customer needs in equipment, financing, alternative energy and high-quality global product availability.

  • Exclusive North America joint venture in materials handling with Well Fargo to provide a secure and competitive source of equipment and operational financing for customers and dealers in the United States. In addition, Hyster-Yale has contractual relationships with leading third-party equipment financing companies to provide customer-based and/or dealer-based financing solutions on four continents: Wells Fargo in North America; DLL, Unicredit, GECC, and BNP in Europe; DLL in South America-Brazil; DLL and GECC in Australia and New Zealand; SMFL in SE Asia and Onyx in China.
  • Over 40-year-old joint venture in product development and manufacturing in Japan with Sumitomo Heavy Industries
  • Product development and supply partnerships with hydrogen fuel cell, telemetry devices and advanced battery manufacturers to ensure customers have access to the latest in energy-efficient technologies to increase sustainability, reduce operational costs and improve productivity

Global Scope of Operations

Economic Engine Driven by Unit Volume

Large, Global-Installed Population

  • Estimated 830,000 Hyster® and Yale® lift trucks in operation worldwide (as of December 31, 2015)
  • Large, installed base provides barrier to entry and assures ongoing parts revenue 
  • Fleet Management Program provides customers with value-added services that include service, aftermarket parts and comprehensive management of materials handling needs.
  • Comprehensive global proprietary and “all-makes” service parts program 
  • Service parts can result in recurring, higher-margin revenues 
  • Aftermarket parts sales represented approximately 13% of Hyster-Yale's annual revenues in 2015. 

Experienced Management Team

  • Strong team of long-term Hyster-Yale managers and executives with global experience 
  • Supported by professionals recruited from leading industrial companies, such as Eaton, Case, Sumitomo, Ingersoll Rand and Ford 

Highly Professional Dealers 

  • Strong, stable network of independent dealers in key markets 
  • Global operations supplying both Hyster® and Yale® dealer networks 
  • Independently owned and operated dealers with exclusive product and sales territories 
  • Certain dealers represent both Hyster® and Yale® in defined territories 
  • Strong global distribution drives market share  

National Accounts Program 

  • Direct-sales National Accounts program 
  • Focused on strategic customers with centralized purchasing and geographically dispersed operations across dealer territories.  

Diversified Customer Base 

A diversified customer base reduces exposure to individual customer or industry risk. 

  • Substantial geographic distribution with 69% of 2015 sales in the Americas market, 24% in the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets and 8% in China and other Asia-Pacific markets 
  • Hyster-Yale markets industrial lift trucks into numerous end-user applications utilized in more than 750 industries (as of December 31, 2015) 
  • No industry or customer concentration
Business Highlights

Global Presence

Our resources are strategically deployed around the world, enabling the company to remain responsive to the needs of dealers and customers wherever they live and work.Learn More


With our Hyster® and Yale® brands, Hyster-Yale, through its operating company, Hyster-Yale Group, possesses over 80 years of proven performance.Learn More


The executive management team features some of the brightest and most experienced professionals in the industry.Learn More

Common Stock Detail

Hyster-Yale is a public company with approximately 16.4 million outstanding shares as of March 7, 2016.Learn More

Environmental & Corporate Responsibility

At Hyster-Yale, we hold ourselves accountable at every level. From our headquarters to individual Hyster-Yale facilities, our corporate ethics help define who we are.Learn More

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