About Hyster-Yale Materials Handling

Key Highlights

Hyster-Yale is a leading global designer, engineer, manufacturer, seller and servicer of a complete line of electric, warehousing and internal combustion engine lift trucks and aftermarket parts marketed globally primarily under the Hyster® and Yale® brand names.

Lift trucks and component parts are manufactured in the United States, Northern Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, the Philippines, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Vietnam and China.

  • Leading global lift truck brands in terms of units sold

Large installed base that drives parts sales

  • Approximately 825,000 units worldwide as of December 31, 2014
  • Diverse customer and application base
  • Global independent dealer network
  • Comprehensive, updated global product line
  • Globally integrated operations with economies of scale
  • Experienced management team
  • Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with over 5,400 employees in 10 countries

On December 18, 2014 Hyster-Yale acquired, through its operating company Hyster-Yale Group, Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC with core competencies in fuel cell stacks and related systems. 

2014 Financial Results

  • Revenues: $2.8 billion
  • Operating Profit: $148.8 million
  • Net Income: $109.8 million
  • Cash: $111.4 million
  • Debt: $31.5 million
  • Net Cash: $79.9 million

Financial Target

  • Operating profit margin of 7 percent at peak of current market cycle and at the mid-point of the next market cycle

Strategic Initiatives

  • Understand customer needs at the product and aftermarket levels in order to create and provide a full range of differentiated products and develop service solutions for specific industry applications,
  • Offer the lowest cost of ownership by utilizing the Company's understanding of customers' major cost drivers and developing solutions that consistently lower cost of ownership and create a differentiated competitive position,
  • Enhance independent distribution by implementing programs aimed at broadening account coverage of the market, expanding the Company's dual-brand ownership strategy, attracting best-in-class dealers from competitors, and ensuring dealer excellence in all areas of the world,
  • Improve the Company's warehouse market position through enhancing dealer and customer support, adding products, and implementing programs to increase focus on key customers,
  • Expand in Asian markets by offering products aimed at the needs of these markets, enhancing distribution excellence and focusing on strategic alliances with local partners in China, India and Japan,
  • Enhance the company's Big Truck market position through continued introduction of new products, improving its global team, and highlighting its global capabilities to customers,
  • Strengthen and align its sales and marketing organization in all geographic regions, and
  • Focus on commercializing Nuvera's technology through the introduction of new fuel cell and improved hydrogen generation products.

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Business Highlights

Hyster-Yale is a leading global lift truck manufacturer.Learn More

Global Presence

Our resources are strategically deployed around the world, enabling the company to remain responsive to the needs of dealers and customers wherever they live and work.Learn More


With our Hyster® and Yale® brands, Hyster-Yale, through its operating company, Hyster-Yale Group, possesses over 80 years of proven performance.Learn More


The executive management team features some of the brightest and most experienced professionals in the industry.Learn More

Common Stock Detail

Hyster-Yale is a public company with approximately 16.2 million outstanding shares as of February 13, 2015.Learn More

Environmental & Corporate Responsibility

At Hyster-Yale, we hold ourselves accountable at every level. From our headquarters to individual Hyster-Yale facilities, our corporate ethics help define who we are.Learn More

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